Rules and Constitution   - November 2020

1.   Name

      1.1      The association shall be called the Midland Association for Athletics Officials, hereinafter referred to as the Association or MAFEO.

2.   Aims

      2.1      To raise the standard of athletics technical officiating.
      2.2      To raise the status of athletics technical officials.
      2.3      To assist in the monitoring of athletics facilities by reporting causes for concern.*
      2.4      To disseminate information of interest to athletics technical officials.
      2.5      To try to ensure through recruitment, that meetings are adequately and safely staffed.
      2.6      To act at all times in the interests of our members.
      2.7      To encourage a rapport between officials, athletes and coaches.
      2.8      To represent, to governing bodies and competition providers, the views of members on matters affecting Technical Officials.
                 Note:   'Technical official' is defined as 'an official who is actively engaged in applying rules for competition during competition'.
                 *          Information should be passed to the Governing Body, current details of which will be found on the Governing Body website.

3.   Membership

      3.1      Membership shall be open to all technical officials who have opted to work in the Midland & South West Tri-region on completion of an application form and payment of the membership fee.
      3.2      All members will be issued with a membership card.

4.   Membership Fee (updated November 2020)

  4.1      The membership fee shall include the provision of a copy of Rules for Competition.  Membership shall be for two years or part thereof.
      4.2      The fee shall become due on 1st January commencing in a year when a new UKA Rulebook is to be published.  In the first instance this will be 2022.
      4.3      The fee shall be set by the committee for each membership period, before membership renewal forms are distributed.  Any discount agreed by the Committee will only apply in the case of continuous membership or at the discretion of the Committee.

5.   Committee

      5.1      The Committee shall consist of:
                 5.11     The Officers who shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Hon.Secretary, Membership Secretary.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall serve a period of not more than three consecutive years in office.
                 5.12     Up to six other members who shall have been paid up members of the association for at least one-year.
      5.2      The Committee shall deal with all matters concerning the association.
      5.3      The Committee shall set up such working parties as shall be deemed necessary from time to time.
      5.4      The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to four additional members.
      5.5      A quorum shall be five elected committee members.
      5.6      The Committee shall meet at least three times each year.

6.   Annual General Meeting

  1.       6.1      An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the months of October or November.
          6.2      All paid up members shall be entitled to attend, together with all other athletics technical officials.
          6.3      All attending shall be entitled to speak, but the right to vote shall be limited to paid up members.
          6.4      The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be conducted as follows.
                     6.41     Minutes
                     6.42     Correspondence
                     6.43     Acceptance of Annual Report
                     6.44     Acceptance of balance sheet duly examined
                     6.45     Alterations to rules
                     6.46     Award of Life Membership
                     6.47     Acceptance of Postal Vote for officers and committee members
          6.5      Resolutions passed at an annual general meeting shall apply for the ensuing year unless changed at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
          6.6      Alterations to Rules and Constitution and nominations for officers and committee members shall be in the hands of the Secretary 42 days prior to the Annual General meeting and distributed to members 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Any member who has been nominated by at least two other members shall be eligible for election.
          6.7      Any elected committee member who fails to attend 50% of meetings during the year without due reason shall not be eligible for re-election the following year.
          6.8      Life Membership may be awarded at an Annual General Meeting to members who meet all the following criteria:
                     6.81     Any nominee would normally have been a member of the Association for at least ten years.
                     6.82     Any nominee must have retired from active duties.
                     6.83     The Committee shall consider all such nominees prior to the Annual General Meeting.
                     6.84     All nominations for Life Membership must be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary 42 days prior to the annual General Meeting each year.

7.   Special General Meeting

      7.1      A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary on receipt of a requisition from at least ten members.
      7.2      At least fourteen days notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given to members.
      7.3      Representation at a Special General Meeting shall be the same as for the Annual General Meeting.

8.   Finance

      8.1      All funds accruing from the activities of the Association shall become the property of the Association.
      8.2      All expenditure shall be authorised by the committee.
      8.3      The financial year shall end on 31st August.

9.   Dissolution

      9.1      In the event of the dissolution of the Midland Association for Athletic Officials, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to an organisation having similar aims to the Association.